Wunderlich sivu TANKKILAUKUT, mustat, R 1200 GC LC (2017-)


Vedenpitävä roll-up laukku 36L Wunderlich WP40


The refined and fitted tank side bags for everything you need quickly to hand. They attach in just a few moves via LOXX closures.

The facts:

Secure quick fastening via 3 LOXX closures on each side.
Easy and quick installation. (The original fairing screws are replaced in the delivery by screws with the LOXX system.)
Complete set for right and left.
Suitable with or without tank guard.
Dust and water-resistant zips.
Handy zip closure.
Blue interior lining (nothing can hide)
Interior reinforcements for optimised structural stability.
Water-shedding, fluorocarbon impregnated CORDURA fabric, with additional interior coating
Reflective seam.
Highly durable and non-abrasive
No bleaching.
Width about 24cm, height about 16cm, depth between 5cm and 10cm (wedge-shaped)

Not in conjunction with the Wunderlich Ergo wind deflectors with item numbers: 20520-101, 20520-102, 20520-201, 20520-202
Made by Wunderlich Waterproof Cordura 5 Jahre Garantie Made in Europe

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