Wunderlich sivutuen LEVITYSPALA K1600 GT/GTL musta (2016-)


The heated grips only warms the palms of your hands. The best protection for cold fingers comes from outside with the classic handlebar muffs. Our
muffs, made of absolutely water-tight, high-quality fabric are simply slipped over the handlebar grips on the right and left and fixed with a quick-
release fastener. A transparent window in the area of the switch units made of UV-resistant, flexible PVC glass (does not fade) helps to avoid errors in
using the controls.

These are not universal muffs but were specially developed for all BMW models with and without hand guards.
They ensure riding fun whatever the temperature. Small pack size.

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K 1600 GT (-2016)
K 1600 GT (2017-)
K 1600 GTL (-2016)
K 1600 GTL (2017-)

We have been offering side stand enlargers for BMW motorcycles for many years and we offer model specific enlargers for nearly every model since
1994. Our design is simple, easy to install and time tested. The side stand enlarger is made of machined anodized aluminum and it features a serrated
edge to provide a better grip when deploying the stand.

Considering the weight of the K 1600 GT and GTL (2016-) , the original side stand plate at roughly 2”x 2” is on the small side to offer secure support,
especially when parking on loose ground or hot asphalt. Our side stand enlarger increases the surface area by approximately 50% and provides the
needed support and peace of mind. The part is precisely shaped so that there is no interference with any other part of the bike and it is also visually

The three clamping screws hold the enlarger firmly in place with no drilling or other modifications needed. Be sure to place a few drops of thread locking
fluid on the screws to avoid them backing out and the part falling off. We offer thread locking fluid under the Related Products tab.

The facts:

Safe support for the machine on all surfaces.
Compensates for the leaning angle of the motorcycle.
Surface area increased by more than 100%.
8 mm thick Dural aluminium.
Rustproof anodised black.
Rust protection for the original stand plate.
Cut-out for original foot lined with vibration-absorbing foam rubber.
CNC machined
Easy to fit.

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